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Review of Lost Futures by Lisa Tuttle

This is one of those books that has quotes from (presumably) glowing reviews splattered all over the covers, but turns out to be nothing like you've been led to believe (which is your own fault for naïvely taking the blurb at face value). Like every book you read, you go into it with an open mind, ready to take it on its own terms. Indeed, you quickly start to empathise with the heroine, Clare Beckett – a lonely woman wondering at the purposelessness of her present and the lost opportunities of her past. But then (even before the book's midpoint – and you always try to reserve judgement on a novel until you've read at least half of it) the ploddingly pedantic prose starts to feel like a diet of porridge. Stodgy exposition tells you all about Clare and her alternate reality alter-egos – all too often you're told and not shown. And then it all gets tied up with a happy ending and the book ends after two hundred and a few pages; you mentally breathe a figurative sigh of relief.

At least, you do if you're me.

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