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Review of The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins

The thesis of this book – which I totally agree with – is that Darwin’s theory of natural selection, with a few modifications, is the best explanation there is for the existence of evolved animals like ourselves. Along the way Dawkins looks at rival theories of evolution and tells us about his computer program that simulates natural selection with very interesting results. This is really a book for people who are unsure as to which side of the argument to come down on – evolutionist or creationist – but there is plenty to interest the convert to Dawkins’ cause. Dawkins (who I once heard described as a ‘fundamentalist atheist’) does see himself in a proseltysing role, so this book could be seen as annoying on that basis. What irritated me, though, was his style of writing: he has a very fussy, old fashioned way of saying things – gently reminding you of what was said in previous paragraphs, stating the obvious and so on.

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