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Review of The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

For me, it's impossible to think about this novel without thinking of Robert Rankin; I'd go so far as to characterise The Eyre Affair as like Rankin, but more sane. But isn't it the insanity that makes the Bard of Brentford so brilliant? The main problem with this book is that, given that it may be best categorised as a comedy thriller, it's not funny enough to be a comedy and not exciting enough to be a thriller. On the other hand, it's certainly interesting, inventive, engaging and raises a smile every now and then. Another major flaw is its jumps of perspective. The book is written in the first person. However, it has sections of third person prose. Some of them are OK – they represent the narrator catching up with another main character after the events have unfolded. Some of them are not OK – occasionally, and for no particular reason, the narrator suddenly has access to someone else's thoughts. Maybe this is a clever way of mirroring all the jumping about between fiction and reality, but I didn't like it. Also, I found the anti-war theme rather heavy-handed.

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