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Repeat and annoy

I listen to music on my computer. I have about 2,000 tracks copied from CD on to my hard drive and I use Media Player to play various playlists (I don’t have my CD collection with me in London, nor apart from my computer do I have the means of actually playing CDs here either). Mostly this system is fine, but there are a couple of annoyances. Like the fact that when I’m skipping tracks trying to find a song that suits my mood, the program sometimes randomly decides no, actually it doesn’t want to skip this track. Or when you’ve listened to  a few songs and skipped a few then specifically selected one that’s taken your fancy, it decides that, when that track’s finished it’ll go back and play all the skipped tracks.

Also quite annoying, though less of a problem with the program itself, is when you’re playing music and doing other stuff, like accessing Word documents, which causes Media Player to get stuck and play the one snatch of music over and over several times before the computer works out what it’s supposed to be doing. This can be moderately amusing if you’re listening to song lyrics at the time. I was listening to Metallica’s ‘Eye of the Beholder’ (probably not a gaming reference) a couple of days ago, the pre-chorus of which goes like this:

Doesn’t matter what you see,
Or into it what you read.
You can do it your own way,
If it’s done just how I say.

Except, of course, I was looking at documents I’d been e-mailed, and James Hetfield started singing:

Doesn’t matter what you –
smatter what you –
smatter what you –
smatter what you –
smatter what you …

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