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101 communications

Statistics news: the previous post was my one hundredth, and, on the 26 June I had a record number of hits – 26 of ’em. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that a lot of my search engine referrals are people looking for reviews of The Bonehunters. To them I say, ‘It’s good – read it. Read the other five first, though.’

I quite like my blog. It could be a very interesting document over the next year or two given my medium term plans. Although, since I left my job I haven’t had the benefit of all-day broadband internet access, and this blog is very slow over dial-up. I’m still blogging, though.

What’s really annoying is what I’ve just done (for the severalth time tonight): clicked on the Publish button – it takes a good half a minute or so for the post to be uploaded – and then noticed a typo in the post – in this case, ‘101 communcations’. (‘Severalth’ is a neologism of my own invention – not a typo. In case you were wondering.)

Now I’ve just edited this post for the second time: ‘noticed of the last few weeks’. It’s 1:10 am …

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