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The Gradual Interview on Stephen Donaldson’s website is pretty darned amazing. I’m sure many writers are perfectly happy to answer questions about their work and their ideas in personal correspondence and appearances, but how many put such thoughts on the internet for all to see? Both George R R Martin and Robert Jordan have blogs but while they do answer questions they do so briefly and selectively. Donaldson makes a point of answering nearly every question he’s asked; he deletes only those that have been answered before (like, ‘Hey, have you ever thought of having a move made of the Thomas Covenant books?’) or those that he deems too personal.

So far, he answered about a dozen or so of mine, with a couple more in the pipeline (and there’s at least one that he’s failed to answer, which may have fallen into the second of the above categories. He’d said something about having made a long term study of people and their behaviour/psychology and I asked him what he’d learned). The answers he gives are sincere and intelligent and often quite detailed and shot through with dry humour. Today’s answer (on the subject of literary criticism) is a very good example.

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