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The long approach to The Steep Approach

Learned something exciting yesterday. Forget living on the other side of the world doing a job that I’m totally unprepared for, this is about something important: books. Iain Banks has a novel due out on 3 March 2007; it’s called The Steep Approach to Garbadale. It’s not one of his Iain-with-an-M science fiction books, so it’s not as exciting as it might have been, but it’ll have been two and half years since his last novel (The Algebraist) so it makes up for a little on that score. It’s the longest gap between publication of any of his books – maybe he’s slowing down in his old age, or perhaps he just has less to write about, or to prove – and I hope it’ll be worth the wait.

From what I’ve read about it, it looks to be quite similar to The Crow Road – which is no bad thing. More information and an extract can be found on his website. The extract appears to be the prologue and concerns a woman who – well, let’s just say she goes for a bit of a walk. I particularly liked the line:

She walks down the path by the river, listening to the waters roar and shush.

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