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Teaching a fire to have a bath

We had a meeting at work on Tuesday. The topic of discussion was tips on using the various books at the hagwon. Each teacher was asked to choose a book they liked and to talk about how they use it. I didn’t choose one and was able to get away with this as the (second) least experienced teacher.

One of my least favourite classes uses a book called Reading Street; it contains some simple stories and would be best utilised as a springboard for class discussions and so on – in fact, one of my colleagues said as much at the meeting. I don’t like it because it has very few exercises in it and I’m not too good and improvising. Plus, the students aren’t that interested, so I have to stand over them directing them to read whatever line, and while I’m doing this, the rest of the class goes crazy.

It looks like I’ll be changing to a maths book for this class and also the most disruptive student appears to be leaving, so hopefully this class will improve. When I started taking this class I did the maths book with them because that’s what it said on the schedule, but the schedule was wrong. Those maths classes seemed to go an awful lot better.

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