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Maybe Paybe, kimchi and rice

I made one of my female students of about nine or ten years old cry today. Kind of amusing. She can be annoying, although not in an unpleasant way. For instance, I’ve taken to adding -o to some of the students’ names – so Lily becomes Lily-o. Whenever I call her this, she goes, ‘Nooooooooo!’ in a rather grating voice. Sometimes she comes up and starts hitting me, too.

Today, I started drawing on her with my marker when she did so. When she kept on with her annoying ways – climbing on the table, rubbing off what I’d written on the board – I gave her minus points in the class’s scores. The combination of these three things had her in tears. But she cries easily, apparently – she’s a bit of a drama queen.

Yesterday, I made one of my kindergarteners cry by taking a book off him. He gets very sulky when I do things like that, but I was a little surprised to see him cry.

The day before, I was looking after a kindergarten class that I don’t usually teach. They seem to like me a lot more than my other kindergarteners, and they’re a little younger. I told them I’d eat lunch with them, but I didn’t because they hassled me the last time I did. Later, as I was finishing my lunch in the kitchen, some of them came to the door and said, ‘Sean Teacher, why you is liar?’ I’ll keep those kind of promises in future. Or not make them.

I had some other, rather more pleasant embarrassment that morning. In my classes I keep a running score – the kids gain and lose points for good and bad behaviour and winning games. For my favourite kindergarteners, I’ve also been including the other teachers that take them. One of these teachers is the girl I’ve been having dinner with.

Alphabetically, her name is at the bottom of the list, and, for humorous purposes, I gave the first Korean teacher ten points, the second 100 points, and Susan 1,000 points. When one of the students noticed this and asked about it he picked up on my slight awkwardness. Later in the hallway, he was cupping his hands to his mouth and calling out ‘Sean-uh loves-uh Suzhan Teacher!’ A couple of my Korean colleagues mentioned it, but I think they understand it was just childish teasing.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been keeping just the students’ scores.

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