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Ice cream is a scream

The highlight of my teaching day today came during a class where I was brainstorming words to do with the five senses (the five famous ones, anyway). The class is one of my favourites, consisting of kids who are good-natured, lively, make an effort to talk to me and don’t mind doing a bit of work (well, not too much).

I was asking them what kind of things you could hear, when one of the girls said, ‘Ice cream’. ‘You listen to ice cream?’ I asked incredulously, and she said yes. Which was very funny in itself. She explained that ‘Ice Cream’ was the name of a song; however, while she was doing so I was drawing a stick figure of her holding an ice cream cone with sound waves coming off it. ‘Look, this is Diane listening to ice cream,’ I said. They thought this was hilarious and soon we were all in stitches for about a minute; even the girl who never says anything looked animated.

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