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The following takes place between 5:36pm and 5:51pm

Last night I watched four episodes of Day 4 of 24 – which means I’m now about half-way through that particular season. Day 3 was thrilling pretty much from the get-go, but this season has been slower moving, more considered. The plot also seems more cohesive. In Day 3, everything changed about after the sixth episode, making the first quarter of the season almost redundant; this time things are more continuous.

One thing that made this season harder to enjoy right from the start is the fact that there have been so few familiar faces. Only Chloe remained at CTU from the previous season – Tony had committed treason, Chase had lost his hand, Michelle and Kim got a new jobs, Jack was fired by the new director, President Palmer resigned, Mrs Palmer got killed – and even Chloe hasn’t stayed the course of this season. I’ve grown to like the newbies, though – the Defense Secretary is played by a guy with a wonderfully wrinkled face and a certain George W Bush charisma, and Edgar, one of the programmers is an awkward, overweight geek.

It was nice to hear from Stephen Donaldson when he replied in the affirmative to my question about watching 24. I wouldn’t necessarily concur with his characterisation of the writers flailing about in search of a plot, though – certainly not having watched the first season of Lost, where the story is, almost literally, all at sea.

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