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Royal Seoul

On Saturday I was taken to Seoul to see the royal palace complex and the Folk Museum by my nearly-girlfriend Sue. It was a very nice afternoon, although it was a bit on the cold side. Sue kept hiding behind me to avoid the wind. I’ll add the pictures to my Flickr page just as soon as … I can be bothered. Given the recent breakdown in our relationship her offer to guide me was a bit of a surprise (I’m also due to look at her English homework), but a welcome one. I had been meaning to ask about her about the situation, but a combination of tiredness (I went to bed at six o’clock on Saturday morning after a night at Beer Plus and a noraebang (singing room, ie, karaoke room)) and inevitable cowardice prevented me from broaching it.

The following day, after roleplaying, as we (two of the other gamers and I) were eating spaghetti in a slightly Italian restaurant I inadvertantly called Sue my girlfriend, and Peter immediately picked up on the fact that I’d said things hadn’t gone well recently. As I explained, everyone else seems to think she’s my girlfriend. And it does look like things are on again between us.

(On the subject of photos (as I was in the last-but-one paragraph), I’ve just bought myself a 1GB memory card for my camera to replace the puny 16MB card that was in it when my dad gave it to me. It can now store about 850 photos at the highest resolution and should be able to hold an hour and a half of video at the hi-res setting (if the battery lasts that long). The memory card cost 39,900 won – about £22.)

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