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Three strikes and minus one

For a while now I’ve used a points system in class. If the students speak in Korean or misbehave I give them -1 point; if they finish work quickly I give them +1. It works reasonably well, but I often get situations where suddenly one or more students start shouting ‘Danny speak Korean!’ and I haven’t heard the kid saying anything; at these times I feel awkward taking a point away for something I haven’t witnessed. So yesterday I started using ‘chances’.

Previously, the scores would look like this:

Danny -1
Phillip 2
Sally 0
Sean -2

Now I put two marks in front of the name and rub one out for each infraction. If there are no marks left, they get minus one – and two more chance marks. So now my score-sheets look like this:

11 Jessie -1
  1 Olivia 1
     Coney 0
  1 Sean -2

I’m much more liberal with the deduction of chances and it doesn’t make me feel so arl-arsed (to use the Scouse).

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