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Right now it’s the morning after arriving back in Ansan from a skiing/snowboarding trip to Yongpyong (apparently, a Winter Olympics contender). I’m only writing this now because I got to work to find that the kindergarteners were going on a field trip (I had been told, but, of course, I’d forgotten) and I’m currently uploading a video file to my Daily Motion account.

At lunchtime on Friday I went to Home plus and bought a backpack – 60 litres, the biggest they had – for 110,000 won. Even though I didn’t have any ski-wear, I still had about the largest luggage of any of the thirteen waeguk seongsaengnim (foreign teachers) going on the trip. I expect to use the backpack again. Several people, if not, everybody else on the trip, bought ski-wear specially for the trip. I didn’t do that because I don’t want to buy things I’m only going to use once – plus, I’m completely unfamiliar with all that stuff.

We met at 6:30 on Saturday morning at the nearby 7 Eleven and several hours later, after a subway trip into Seoul, a coach ride to somewhere else in Seoul, then a coach ride up into the mountains, we were at the resort. The people organising the trip had rented a two-floor apartment there for six people, so we went up to it in smaller groups. On Sunday evening we were joined, for some reason, by some Korean friends of one of the organisers, so that night the apartment slept 21 people, I think.

Having no ski-wear I didn’t do any sports on the first day, but I watched some of the others and took some photos and videos. Later on I found the ski-wear rental place, so on Sunday I got pants (this Americanism has been seeping its way into my consciousness) and jacket for the day. Then I followed others up on the gondola to the highest part of the resort. I took more photos, but they looked very blue with distance and haze; I haven’t put them on my computer yet.

Then I got a snowboard and boots and made my way to the nursery slope. I once went to Runcorn ski slope with my Scout troop, but apart from that I’ve never skied before. Snowboarding is, apparently – and it’s not difficult to see why – harder than skiing. Still, it was what everybody else in the party was doing. I fell over very often (occasionally when I wasn’t even moving). Then some of the others invited me up to one of the more difficult slopes; rather stupidly I said Yes. I hadn’t figured out how to steer effectively let alone slow down, so my descent took the form of me picking up frightening amounts of speed very quickly and then deliberately falling over. (Actually, my experience of the nurserly slope was similar except that the speed was of a less scary variety.) At one point, I landed on my face and cut the inside of my lips.

The whole snowboarding thing was spoilt for me after that – it wasn’t so much that that run had been way beyond my expertise, but that my body – buttocks and right wrist especially – was sore and every further time I fell over brought increased pain. I did some more runs on the shallow slope, but packed it in an hour and a half or so before my pass expired.

On Saturday night I stayed up later than most. There was plenty of fun to be had drinking beer and playing the many card games that people knew. I was apprehensive of going to bed early because of the noise. When I eventually did go to bed, there seemed little space in the two bedrooms so I bedded down in the hall on the lower floor – and had to put up with the two or three people who stayed up till about 6:30 talking and watching TV.

On Sunday night I did exactly the opposite. I stayed downstairs reading (book two of The Prince of Nothing, The Warrior-Prophet, about which I’m quite excited), had a shower and made myself a spot in the boys’ bedroom. (At one point one of the Koreans came down to kick me out of the girls’ bedroom, where I’d been talking to our girls and reading, because the Korean girls wanted to use it. He said to me, ‘Why aren’t you upstairs with everyone else?’ I said, ‘Because I’m down here reading.’) At midnight, I heard everyone cheer the advent of the 25th.

When we got back to Ansan I went straight home without waiting for everybody else to catch up, use the toilet, say their goodbyes etc at the station. I got home to discover that my laptop was still switched on. The stupid fucking piece of shit keeps bringing up error messages when I close it down. I logged on to Aegis and played that for three quarters of an hour, spending the sixty turns I’d accumulated over the weekend.

Then I texted Sue to if she wanted me to give her her present today – the answer being No due to sickness. Then I went to bed. Actually, I sent and received the texts lying on the bed, but then I went to bed with the intent of sleeping. I took my shoes off, but that’s all. I woke up about sixteen hours later and prepared for school – where, as you know, I wasn’t needed.

Oh, yes – my body hurts. But only when I move.

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