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Saturday morning’s all right for learning

I had a call at lunchtime (actually, I had two calls, but the first was during a class, so I cancelled it) from the Seoul Korean Language Academy. The call that I answered came as I was napping at home. I remember lying on my front holding the phone open and rather groggily answering, but I don’t recall taking it out of my pocket or opening it.

I’d intended doing the Saturday afternoon course (actually, I’d originally thought about doing the Saturday morning course, but then I realised it wouldn’t be such a good idea if I was going out on Friday nights), but the woman I spoke to said the morning course would be more appropriate for my level – so I said OK. The course runs from 10am to 1pm. Definitely no soju for me on Friday nights, then.

The application form requires sponsorship from a Korean, so I eventually (I’ve had my eye on this for a while, now) asked Sue to give me her address. I sent it off (via the website) on Thursday night, so I’m quite pleased and even impressed that the response has been so quick. I start tomorrow.

Something else I intend to do tomorrow morning is to take part in a raid. The kingdom I belong to on the internet game Aegis is planning to attack someone – there are no details yet as to who the victim will be. My approach to playing Aegis has been one of peaceful growth, but once I build all the buildings I can imagine it getting a bit boring. Although the growth and building side of things is quite complex compared to the other games I’ve played, the inter-kingdom and inter-empire politics seems to be a larger part of the overall game – or at least a larger priority for many players. The raid is scheduled for 4am Korean time. 4am is roughly hometime after a Friday night at Beer Plus.

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