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Busy be

Feeling a bit over-used and under-rested. I’ve now got a Friday night at the pub to look forward to, an early hours appointment on Aegis, a Korean course first thing in the morning, then roleplaying the day after. I still need to do my homework for the Korean class. I’ve already done a little of it – writing out in hangeul, ‘hashida, hamnida, hashimnida, hamnikka, hashimnikka’ etc – but I’ve still got a few pages of the same to do. I probably ought to try listening to the CDs as well.

The other main thing is that I’ve sent out e-mails inviting people to join my on-line roleplaying game and notified those who have been involved that I’m going to restart it after a hiatus. Posted last night, so I hope the current players will give me enough to move past this current plot point.

I also need, or at least want to do a little more work on the Seoul International Reading Group blog, then send links to members. Then there’s the prospect of starting up a writing group as well.

Now I have to go back to work (45 minutes earlier than usual) to oversee tests. At least I’ll only be actually teaching one class this afternoon.

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