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Minor amusement

There were a couple of funy moments in one of my classes last week. The class consists of young elementary students who aren’t too good at English, but they’re all nice kids.

I was trying to illustrate the meaning of ‘easy’ and ‘difficult’, so I wrote on the board ‘2+2=’ and asked the what the answer was. Of course, they said ‘four’; I wrote in the answer. I said, ‘This is easy math’ (it’s easy to slip into American). Then I did the same for – choosing a sum completely at random – 7-3. Again the answer was four, and I pointed out that it was easy. Then I tried 293x313. One of my students, a friendly, lively girl called Janet, said ‘Four’. I was completely taken off-guard and practically doubled up with laughter.

Then as I was spelling dinosaur for them, I said ‘Danielsaur?’ (There’s a student called Daniel.) I wrote it out like that and they thought it was hilarious. And after a moment, their laughter was infectious.

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