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A letter from the Land

I recently posted a couple of questions to Stephen Donaldson’s Gradual Interview. The second hasn’t been answered yet, but he e-mailed me a reply to the first. Which was:

I realise this might come under the heading of RAFO, but my question is this: Will Thomas Covenant be a viewpoint character in Fatal Revenant?

My justification for wanting to know is that it’ll be frustrating hoping for and expecting something that might never happen, and the blurb-that-dare-not-speak-its-name that was released on Amazon.co.uk certainly implies that the book will be wholly focused on Linden. Plus, we’re going to find out soon enough anyway. <grin>

Ancilliary question: Will Jeremiah be a viewpoint character?

By the way, I enjoyed reading the first half of chapter one and am looking forward to the rest. I’m probably more excited about FR than I was about RotE.

His reply was:

I’m sorry. As you suspected, all of this falls “under the heading of RAFO”. I’m working hard to set you up (in the best possible sense), and I don’t want to risk anything that might let you skip ahead of me unnecessarily.


Fair enough. The personal response explains why no other question on the subject has appeared on the GI. I suppose I’ll just have to wait until Fatal Revenant‘s release in October (by which time I should be back in the UK).

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