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vex·il·lum /vɛkˈsɪləm/ [vek-sil-uhm]

–noun, plural vex·il·la /vɛkˈsɪlə/ [vek-sil-uh]

1. a military standard or flag carried by ancient Roman troops.
2. a group of men serving under such a standard.
3. video frequency.
4. Also, vex·il /ˈvɛksɪl/ [vek-sil] Botany. the large upper petal of a papilionaceous flower.
5. Ornithology Rare. the web or vane of a feather.

[Origin: 1720–30; < L: standard, flag, dim. from the base of vélum sail (see veil)]

Source: Dictionary.com

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