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More books than you can shake a stick at

Well, three, anyway. As I mentioned on my post this morning, I was expecting a trio of novels – and they all arrived during the day. I’ve been reading The Steep Approach to Garbadale. 30-odd pages into it and it seems pretty decent. Unlike many of Banks’s ‘literary’ fiction novels, where most of the plot seems to be crowded into the last few chapters, this one appears to have plot going on from the start. It seems a long time since the last Banks book I read – which will have been The Algebraist – so I wanted to start on this one first. Hmm. Even though there are two other books I’m part-way through at the moment.

I’m also, right now, uploading my video files to my new MediaMax account. I say ‘new’ – I opened it a while ago, but never got round to doing much with it. Although it uses this thing called Streamload – meaning you can stream video and music from, or even have other people access it – I just want to use it for storage. You get 25GB with a free account and, if I remember rightly, 1GB downloading rights before you start getting charged.

My laptop could probably do with having extra stuff removed and put into storage. Why ‘extra stuff’? Well, I’ve also spent some time cleaning it out – and I’m currently pushing the 3GB mark for free space. Now I just have a gigabyte of photos and videos that have been languishing untouched on my camera to upload.

I’ve been thinking about buying a new laptop. There’s a technology market in Seoul – a large multistorey building – that’s packed with cameras, phones and PCs. It would seem the logical place to go, but of course there’s the ever-present language problem. I can see myself buying a new laptop from Home plus.

  1. Drew
    26 April 2007 at 9:05 am

    If its just more storage you’re after an external USB hard drive is the best and most cost effective solution generally. You can get about a 400GB USB drive for about £70 at the moment, and the price is dropping

  2. 28 April 2007 at 3:00 am

    Yeah, but I’d like a whole new laptop – one that’s bigger on the inside and smaller on the outside, if you know what I mean. 🙂 Plus, I really don’t want an extra thing to unplug whenever I want to go mobile, and cluttering up my table, and just generally being more stuff.

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