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In to gnash an all-day

Strangely – especially strangely, given that it’s a Monday, Wednesday or Friday – I have a few spare moments at work to do a bit of a write-up. Over the last week or so, the class I usually have has dwindled to just one student, then on Friday it was just none – likewise today. They have exams at the moment, so I suppose they’re all cramming for those.

Today was International Day at our hagwon. I stayed up all night finding pictures on the internet and putting them into Word documents along with bits of descriptive text. By the time I headed into work – later than usual – I’d created 47 pages, in addition to the eight I’d already completed. When I got there, the printing off process was pleasantly smooth and surprise-free – I’d uploaded them all to my main e-mail address’s Yahoo! Briefcase account (and was disturbed to find that it didn’t already exist (ie, I had to set it up first) because I was sure I had stuff on there already. Thinking about it though, that work is probably associated with another address). Then I had the annoyance of not being able to get into my designated classroom because of a class being held in there.

The process itself was pretty underwhelming, and in hindsight, I would have done less work. Actually, with the wonderful benefits of hindsight, instead of creating a kind browsable exhibit, I would have done more of a lecture. The kids mostly just sat there listing to me and my co-teacher, allowing themselves to be prompted into saying the occasional word. There were also too many students at one time and not enough time with them.

I also took 300 digestive biscuits and teabags and a brand new flask into school in order to make tea and biscuits. In practice there wasn’t really time – either to make the tea or to offer it to them. I went through the same routine – about the UK, the four home nations, where it is on a map of the world, the coins and notes, the colours of the flags – for every class, hesitantly at first, then less hesitantly. My colleague, Gina, helped out and offered ideas.

I’m falling asleep as I write this. I’m going to get some of that tea.

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