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T minus 2 months and 19 days

Firstly, Drew’s got a new forum up and running for us. It looks a lot like the old one – perhaps too much like the old one; I imagine the forum software comes from the same place. Once my account has been authorised I’m pretty confident I’ll get some work done on the game. It needs it.

One other thing has been resolved – my flight back to Britain is set for 14 September. All I have to worry about now is how they’re going to pay me at the end of my contract. Well … I also have to worry (I don’t have to I suppose, but I will) the behaviour of some of my students – I have a couple of classes that are nearly unteachable because there are so many students just talking constantly.

The D20 Modern game that Simon’s been running has been a lot of fun. The modern setting doesn’t really appeal to me as much as a fantasy one, and I spend a lot of time wondering what my character can actually do; but there’s been a good deal of humour in our responses to game situations – and that’s one of the best things about roleplaying. When the campaign is finished in a couple of weeks, we’ll hopefully be starting a Wheel of Time game.

My Korean classes are going pretty well, too. Every week we get introduced to a new grammatical function or two (‘Students, I’d like you to meet Grammatical Function.’ ‘Pleased to meet you.’) and although I’ve been thinking that I’d prefer something more situation-based (learning how to order things, talk about yourself etc), this method seems to be effective. In our last class we did ‘from’ and ‘to’ (in terms of time periods) and ‘after’. Best of all, I spent an hour and a half talking to the Canadian girl in the nearby Starbucks after class.

  1. Drew
    25 June 2007 at 9:11 am

    “It looks a lot like the old one – perhaps too much like the old one”

    Hah! I actually deliberately made it look like the first one. I thought that was the best option. Perhaps not.

    It is the same software, phpbb is a pretty standard forum software. A huge number of boards run on it. Its free, and relatively easy so I guess that’s why.

    We can make it look different by changing the theme. There are a number of other themes installed, I just selected the same one as the old forum for the default.

  2. 25 June 2007 at 12:35 pm

    “I actually deliberately made it look like the first one.”

    I assumed as much. When I set the old one up I remember looking at several themes and choosing my favourite. There may be others that would be just as good or better. A change is good once in a while, anyway.

    And thanks for setting it up.

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