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Mul opsoyo

or: ‘There isn’t any water’

On … um … a day earlier than yesterday (Saturday, I think), the water pressure in my flat went down. There was still water coming out of the taps, but at about half the usual rate. Without thinking too much about it I went ahead and put some washing in the machine (maybe I did this before the water pressure went partially AWOL – I can’t remember exactly). This load – while it’s supposed to take about an hour – took at least a couple of hours maybe three.

While the taps had gone down to about half their usual pressure, the water coming into the top-loading machine was flowing at a bare dribble. So I started filling the machine up with tap water using a jug. Then realising that would take a long while, I switched to using my large saucepan. Eventually, I filled up the machine to the point where it continued with its programme. It still had a couple of wash and spin cycles to do, but I stopped it after its next (rather ineffective) spin and put the damp clothes on the laundry rack to dry.

I did some more washing last night. The water pressure didn’t seem to have changed, but it certainly hadn’t become any worse, but the water was still dripping into the drum. I considered stopping it, but then decided that the task of filling the machine manually wouldn’t be too onerous. I rediscovered the red washing bowl in the pan cupboard that I rarely open, so the filling process progressed a little quicker. One definite benefit of manual filling is that you can use hot water – looking at the plumbing behind the machine I found that the hot water isn’t connected (which wasn’t a surprise). Fiddling with the cold water connection did nothing but reduce the trickle to zero.

A few minutes ago I informed the desk staff at the hagwon of the problem. They told me to get the phone number from the side of the machine. Presumably, they’ll call and arrange for someone to come and look at it (‘it’ being the problem with the machine rather than the phone number affixed to the washer’s side).

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