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Money, money, money

Yesterday I sent £1,000 to my British bank account; it’s something I seem to have been doing less frequently than last year. I went to the Nonghyup Bank branch that’s located directly under my hagwon and withdrew 2,000,000 won (in three batches, because the maximum you can take out in one transaction is 700,000). Then I made the five minute walk to the KB Bank on the street of clothes shops.

Filling out the Application for Remittance form took a couple of minutes – I copied from one of my previous copies – during which time the tall, young security guard gave me a ticket from the machine. Which is good, because I don’t much like getting a ticket before I start in case I get called before I’m finished filling in the form and because I often forget which button to press for the appropriate ticket (it’s the right-hand button of the left hand machine. Probably).

After that I sat and waited for 10 or 15 minutes until my number was up, and I sat down and handed over my newly completed form, the copies of all the other forms I’ve done (the printing on which is easier to read than my block capitals), my passport, my latest payslip, my Alien Card and, of course, my money. Usually, it’s one of two women who take my money and do all the banky doings, but yesterday it was another woman. On the plus side, she didn’t raise any objections (I thought the fact that the money I wanted to send was greater than the net pay quoted on my payslip might be a problem); on the minus side, she sent exactly £1,000 (which came to 1,907,000 or so won, including charges) instead of increasing this to include all of the 2 million I’d given her.

I checked my (Lloyds TSB) bank account this morning to find that the money had arrived safely. £950 of this I transferred to my savings account (bringing the total to £3,950). The remainder can stay in my current account to pay for random stuff … like the indeterminate sum I half-promised Drew for his forum-providing expenses.

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