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Outta gas

Today, for the second time since I’ve been in Korea, my gas supply was disconnected. The previous time was my own fault as I procrastinated about doing anything with the notes stuck to my door. However, since that last time I haven’t even received the sellotaped reminders – and I’ve never had a gas bill.

Actually, I suppose I might have had gas bills. There are things that look like bills that arrive periodically in the post, but they don’t have any apartment numbers on them, so I’ve never taken one from the pigeon holes by the entrance.

When I tried to turn the gas on to make my morningly mug of tea, the flame died as soon as it came into existence. After that, I microwaved a couple of large bowls of water which I used to wash. When I got to school I got some instructions for paying my bill and was told the gas should come back on in a couple of hours. When I got back home, it hadn’t. So I walked back to school. The reception staff phoned the gas company and told me I should try the gas a few times, presumably so it could work its way through the piping.

This didn’t work either. Another trip to school eventually revealed that the gas should come on tomorrow morning. We’ll see.

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