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Review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J K Rowling

After napping for a couple of hours last night I got up to switch off my computer and get undressed, but by then, of course, I wasn’t feeling sleepy. So I stayed up till about five finishing off The Half-Blood Prince.

I was told a while ago by an acquaintance in Ansan that HPatHBP was similar to Crossroads of Twilight (book 10 of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series), inasmuch as nothing really happens happens. I don’t entirely agree. Yes, the crux of the book isn’t as tightly focused as in earlier volumes and by the end of it Harry doesn’t seem to have achieved much. But, on the other hand, the book climaxes with a very important event (which I won’t mention here) and Harry learns much more about Lord Voldemort and how he must defeat him.

The title of Harry Potter 6 refers to a previous student at Hogwarts whose old text book Harry acquires. In a way, the mystery about who the Half-Blood Prince is, is a bit of a red herring. Far more significant and interesting is what we learn about Voldemort’s history and how he has secured his immortality. And, at the end of the book, when the HBP’s identity has become known, there is another mysterious figure to be indentified (and presumably will be in the course of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). Perhaps the most important aspect of the novel is the developing relationships between Harry and two of the three people he hates most: Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape. By the conclusion of the novel he hates one of them even more, while the other begins to seem more sympathetic.

Overall, The Half-Blood Prince is more mature and darker than any of the preceeding books (kind of The Empire Strikes Back of the Harry Potter series). It also has the feeling of a prelude to the final movement in Harry’s story – and, happily enough for me, book seven is released in a few days’ time.

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