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T minus two months, two days and counting

A couple of days ago, after a few days of increasingly desultory attempts to use my gas and encourage the gas out of the gas ring, my hagwon director apparently came to my flat while I was at work and got it working. Since then, I have been enjoying the benefits of hot showers, as opposed to hesitantly sticking various body parts into a cold shower.

Today I had a pleasant change in my teaching schedule. For the past month or two, my second class on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been a group of seven youngsters who graduated from our kindergarten classes earlier this year. Whereas I had taught my other ex-kindergartners ever since I came to Korea, these kid where almost completely new to me. And it’s been a bad class. The girls (three of them) are OK, but the boys (four of them – one of them’s not too bad) just take no notice of me whatsoever. Sending them out to stand in front of the reception desk with their hands in the air helps to some degree (mostly by getting them out of the clasroom for a while), but doesn’t have much long term effect. Plus it’s something I don’t like doing.

After Tuesday’s fiasco, when all but one of the class was acting up continuously (the one girl who was sitting quietly in her seat kept looking at me with some of the desperation I was feeling), I finally got round to mentioning my difficulty with this class to the headteacher. She said that it was an energetic class and asked me who could teach it. Of course, I said I didn’t know, and she swapped me with another foreign teacher. Easier than I’d been fearing.

Today I had my first class with the new class (well, except it wasn’t because I’ve taught this class before). When I walked into the room, the kids spontaneously started clapping and cheering; the indisciplined, active, loud, but intelligent and annoyingly likeable short boy who is a well-known character amongst the teachers kept up to me and gave me a hug. The class was OK, and probably better than usual as there were a couple of students missing, although still fairly noisy – but still miles better than the first-graders from hell a couple of classrooms over. I wonder how the other teacher fared in his new class.

The other interesting thing that’s happened at school this week is that the new teacher – our second middle-aged Canadian – has been fired after mere days in the job. From overhearing a conversation between the selfsame teacher who has just swapped classes with me and the head teacher, it appears that the new guy has an alcohol problem. I’m now doing one extra class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is OK – it’s a class I was doing up until a couple of weeks ago and is an easy class to teach (well, it’s an easy class in which to play a CD and have the students tick or circle answers).

Finally, tomorrow marks two months and one day until I fly back to Britain (and it’s also Friday the thirteenth). I’m starting to get excited (about flying home, that is).

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