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Live hard (for nought?)

Last night (spurning the opportunity to go for a free meal with my hagwon colleagues; an opportunity that was also spurned by my New Zealander, American and South African colleagues) I went to see Die Hard 4.0.

Very impressive.

A couple of weeks previously I’d also seen Tranfsormers (which also verily impressed) and the intensity, cinematography and choreography of the action in both films has really taken the action movie to a new level (or maybe it’s just a long time since I saw a good action movie). If anything, Die Hard was even better than Transformers because of its greater realism (of course, I use the word advisedly, but remember that I’m comparing Bruce Willis and giant alien robots)

The film had various familiar actors in minor roles: Tim Russ (Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager), Cyril Rafaelli (performing the kind of acrobatics he’d demonstrated in Banlieu 13) and an actor that I definitely recognised, but couldn’t place – it turns out he’s Cliff Curtis who was in Whalerider.

Also last night, I had yet another soul-destroying class with a bunch of kids who probably hate me more than I hate them. At one point, I took an electronic dictionary of one girl and took it to the front desk. When I came back and sipped my water I found that someone had put something in it (I have no idea what – it had a kind of chemical taste). None of them noticed I’d drunk it, so there was no immediate reaction, and I’d never been in a situation like that and didn’t have any pattern of behaviour to guide what I ought to do about it. Which meant that I didn’t do anything about it, even after they’s gradually realised.

I think I’m going to ask to switch to another class, but a part of me also wants to continue with this class so I can institute a strict regime of punishment. Somthing like, if they don’t answer questions they can go and stand in front of the desk with their hands in the air, likewise if don’t complete the exercises or show any disrespect. But I probably don’t have the self-discipline to put that into practice. Perhaps the worst thing about this class is that it reminds me of being at school and the fucked up attitudes of too many fellow pupils.

If only I could lose myself in a book for a little while. Well, the book I’m reading right now is The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S Kuhn. I’ve come across his name in various popular science books I’ve read, so when I saw the book recently I decided to buy it. Probably a mistake. The writing isn’t the most engaging and I keep drifting off into random reveries while I’m reading it. On top of that most of it seems to be stated the bleedingly obvious (it’s nearly 50 years old). It’s only a little over 200 pages long, so I’m going to stick with it, though.

  1. savasana
    19 July 2007 at 11:51 pm

    As you were kind enough to leave me a book recommendation, I would like to leave one for you as well (also in the spirit in which it was passed on to me). House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. I’m not sure if “engaging” could be used to describe it but I have found it remarkable thus far (not finished yet). Oh, and Transformers rocked my socks :D!

  2. 20 July 2007 at 3:57 pm

    Then you have very happy socks. 🙂

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