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Another working week has ended

And today at work was OK. We were given our schedule for the coming week and August. On Monday, the intensive classes start and as far as I can remember (and I really ought to remember) my first classes start at 10:35. That’s not good. I have three morning classes in addition to a slightly reduced post meridian schedule.

I managed to swap my 6:55 class with the Korean American teacher who had teached it previously. She was very happy to have done so. When I taught her class, it was much as I remembered it – actually, it was a bit worse: more students, noisier and less attention paid by the good students. But it was still a pleasant change.

Last night, (if you haven’t read or seen this, you should look away now – well, in two paragraph’s time) I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Although when it began I was thinking that the acting was awful, I warmed to it, and overall it was reasonably good. Certainly a damn sight better than the first film (and I haven’t seen the intervening installations). It still suffered from less than totally authentic performances from the young actors and a high luvvie quotient.

It was interesting to see how the story had been adapted from the novel. For instance, Snape’s presence was much reduced, the process of Umbridge clamping down on freedoms at Hogwarts was greatly accelerated and Quidditch was completely absent. Also, Harry and Ron appear to have been working out – I don’t rembember that in the books.

There now follows a spoiler. In the climactic final battle in The Order of the Phoenix – film and book, of course – Sirius is hit by a bolt of magic and falls through an archway of death. Note that I didn’t say that he dies. Since I read the book a few weeks ago I’ve been working under the assumption that he’s done a Moiraine (see The Wheel of Time) and that he will turn up again in the final instalment. The main reason for thinking this is, of course, that there is no body; in fiction, major characters just don’t vanish when they die, they have a dramatic, drawn out death scene. Also, in the book, there is suspiciously little discussion of the ‘archway of death’ nature. There is an additional clue in the film: at the very end, Luna – after she has offered Harry her condolences – says something about how things you’ve lost turn up eventually.

At any rate, I won’t have long to find out – The Deathly Hallows is released tomorrow.

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