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Good weekend?

Yes, thanks. Mostly, anyway.

I went to my hagwon to teach a single class at one o’clock on Saturday, which meant that I was an hour late for my Korean class. The new headteacher told me on Friday that she’d change the Saturday schedule for the coming weeks (although, according to the most recent schedule, there’s only one more day of Saturday classes – on the 18th), but I ought to come in the following day for this class. Partly through lack of assertiveness, partly through the knowledge that arguing about a single class would be quite petty, I agreed.

Having missed the previous Korean class I felt rather adrift when I got there, but in reality I didn’t seem to have missed much. The class wasn’t as well attended as in previous weeks – the Canadian girl’s gone to Japan, the Danish guy has gone – somewhere – and the Japanese bloke left early; in addition, the British-Canadian chap is only there to observe, so, by the end, there was only myself and Paul.

After class I went to the massive Kyobo bookstore and bought a book: The Lies of Locke Lamora. And a couple of CDs – Rosenrot, by Rammstein, and a two CD compilation called Old Skool of Rock – I already have a fair few of the songs it contains, but it has enough that I don’t have to make it worth buying. These latter go with the four I bought during the week: American Idiot, Awake, Extreme and Best of Def Leppard (which I basically bought for the fantastic ‘Let’s Get Rocked’). And I bought Starcraft Battle Chest – which I’ve been enjoying playing (and as I continue to play it, it will doubtless detract greatly from all the things I should be doing).

After that I re-met Paul and we went for a meal at an otherwise deserted Indian restaurant (I had a surprisingly mild vindaloo). After that we went for a walk along a small, artificial-seeming river whose name escapes me.

Today, we had what was intended to be our last roleplaying session. I’m quite happy that we (or, more accurately, I) fucked things up for the GM (by causing the death of a major NPC) and forced the game into a fourth week. This really last session will take place the week after next, after Peter has gone to Japan, come back and moved into a new apartment. Coincidentally, there’s no Korean class next week, so I almost have the weekend to myself. Almost, because I’ll be meeting a fellow Hangungmal haksaeng or two to do our homework.

All I have to do in the meantime is get into work for 10:30 each morning – and that’s not going to be fun. I may go and see D-War and even 1408, although I’m not so keen on horror and especially not so keen on Stephen King just now (having recently read The Stand). At some point, I should also go to the doctor: my stock of medicine is running low.

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