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Good weekend? – addendum

Evidently, I wrote that last post in a hurry, because I forgot to mention two of the more interesting episodes of the weekend.

Firstly, when I went for a walk with my fellow student of Korean, he called me back as we passed a few Koreans on a path by the river. They were looking at an animal in the grass verge that was mucnhing on prawn crisps. It was a small canine thing – like a fox, but also a bit weaselish. We stood there for a while looking at it as it looked at us. I had my camera with me, but it was far too dark to get a good photo and, while it seemed quite at ease with all the human onlookers, I didn’t want to scare it with the flash. After a while I realised I might be able to get a better image with the video function. Having now looked at this clip on my computer I can tell you that it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped: you can just about make out a shadowy head; I also wasn’t pointing the camera directly at it. I may upload it to my DailyMotion account anyway – there’s a little bit of our banter to be heard.

Secondly, by the time we’d finished our walk it was approaching the time of the last subway trains of the day. I managed to get to Handaeap OK, but when I arrived I needed the toilet, so that’s where I headed. When I came out at around 12:35, the station was deserted and the shutters separating the bridge part of the station from the ticket office and the turnstiles were down. I was trapped in the station.

Actually, the place wasn’t quite deserted – there was one man walking through on the other side as I came out and as I evaluated the situation he left. My first thought was to go down to the platform and get out that way – but the shutter leading to the tracks was also down. I started thinking that I might need to effect some Jack Bauer-like escape. I wandered round for a bit then decided to call my Korean colleague, Gina. As I was listening to the ring tone music I noticed a small open box on one side of the shutter. Closer examination revealed it to be the shutter controls. I pressed the up button and up came the shutter. I lifted it up about a metre then ducked under. On the other side, I stuck my hand through the wide rectangular mesh and pressed the down button. I had to keep pulling my hand back and putting it through again as the shutter descended.

I had assumed that I’d been on the last train, but as I walked away from the station I saw another pull in from the direction of Seoul. Presumably there was an attendant there on the platform who had closed the station to stop anyone else coming in. I’m tempted to go back there in the middle of the night and see if I can get in just as easily.

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