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T minus 11 days and counting

After today I have just one week of teaching left. My new air ticket is for a flight on Tuesday 28th; so I have three free days after I finish working. Not too bad.

Right now I’ve come home for a break before I have my last two classes. Our new teacher has taken over the class that has most recently given me difficulties. I wasn’t actually told about this, but I followed him down the hall and into the class and asked him whether he was taking it from now on. He said he thought so and asked me to help him teach it. I’m not the world’s greatest altruist and, after nearly a year of teaching, I was quite happy to refuse. I told him it was my worst class and wished him luck. Our summer morning classes also finished today, so for next neek I can go back to getting up at a more reasonable time – 11 o’clock, say.

On Tuesday, I went to see Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer with my New Zealander colleague. It was pretty mediocre – about on a par with the first film – but it provided a modicum of entertainment. Apart from the distinctly average acting and the risible dialogue, it felt too short and too shallow. The relationship between the Silver Surfer and Galactos could have been explored much more.

Afterwards we went to a bar near the cinema in Jungang. Behind the counter were shelves and shelves of CDs. The barman spoke English (up to a point) and I tried out some of my bad Korean on him. He was a metal fan and liked much the same bands as me. I asked him to recommend a Korean band and he pulled out a CD by Deulgukwa (I think that’s how you’d spell it). I duly bought it the following day. Haven’t listened to it yet, but judging by the little the barman played on Tuesday it’s very much towards the soft end of the rock spectrum. After looking at the pictures of the group on the CD I asked him if they were a seventies band. He said, No, eighties. I said, Seventies hair. He said, Seventies hair: eighties Korea.

There are several teachers leaving around about now, including my Korean-American colleague. Tonight could be a night of heavy drinking. As could tomorrow. I’m apparently going to be provided (along with everyone else) with a special T-shirt for a night out in Hongdae.

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