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T plus 3 days

Things are still on the depressing side, but at least I know have some inklings of how to make progress.

Yesterday, I went to my hometown of Runcorn. I forgot to take my key to my parents’ house, so I couldn’t get in and use their computer. I also went to the house of a couple of friends, but they weren’t around. At Halton Lea (or Shopping City, as I’m sure everyone still calls it) Library I managed to use the internet for an hour – I suppose I should have been registered with the library in order to use it, but the staff let me have a ‘one-off’ use. And I didn’t achieve much, other than sending a few brief e-mails.

Later, I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum, which was quite entertaining. It used a kind of jerky, NYPD Blue camera style throughout, which I’m indifferent to. The fight and action scenes were pretty good; the fight between Bourne and another brainwashed agent, Desh, was very effective – brutal and silent. And today, I’ve just been to see The Simpsons Movie – and I thought it was fantastic. Back in Korea (a long time ago), one or two people had said that it was underwhelming, that it consisted of the material for one twenty-odd minute episode padded out to one and a half hours (or however long it was), but I disagree. It seemed perfectly paced to me, and full of the slapstick, satire and warmth that makes The Simpsons so wonderful.

In other news, I’m thinking of buying a phone. Tesco has some handsets for £25. If I do, it’ll be the first mobile phone that is genuinely mine – the one I had in Korea belonged to the school. I suppose in my current state of incommunicado-ness it might be a good idea.

I should probably do something with my laptop, too – like format the hard disk and install English Windows. Vista is very nice, but it may just end up being XP that I’ll install. Maybe I should buy Vista, but spending money is not something I do easily. Up to a point, I could probably manage with the OS in Korean, but apart from the annoyance of not understanding Korean itself is an annoying language. At the moment I’m just writing my blog entries on Notepad (or memojang, as it’s apparently called in Korean). Then I can copy the files to my USB dongle and from there transfer them to a PC with the internet. (This laptop should be equipped with wireless, but I’m not sure I would know how to use that even if it was in English.)

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