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Grey in Montréal

After several days of very pleasant weather (in fact, most of my Canadian odyssey has been under blue skies) today was decidedly autumnal. There was I wandering through Montréal in my long-sleeved Metallica T-shirt, while the sky was grey, the wind was chilly and the rain was, frankly, not trying hard enough.

And that’s about all I’ve done today. The weather hasn’t been conducive to the pursuit of touristic, er, pursuits; I’ve barely taken any photos – just a couple of the bridge over the [insert name of river here. OK: Fleuve Saint-Laurent. Obviously]. It would have, of course, been a good opportunity to spend the day indoors in a museum or gallery or similar attraction, but I just haven’t looked into what’s here yet – and, unlike Québec City – you can’t really just wander round and see all such locations laid out for you. I did walk through le Village, though – evidently Montréal’s gay area.

Montréal, from what I’ve seen of it is very city-ish. Quite bland, actually, but I suppose every city in the world can’t be a Québec or Prague or Bath… Just Québec, Prague and Bath when you think about it.

The woman who arrived at the hostel’s main building just after I did is sleeping in the same small dorm as me. She’s called Blondine, she’s French and she’s a writer. She talks to me, which earns her an extra tick in the plus column. She said she’d spent some time in New Zealand, and, as she has a certain Kiri Tekanawa cast to her looks, I asked her if she had Maori ancestors. She said when she was in New Zealand everybody asked her that, and the answer was No. I was disappointed in myself for asking such an obvious question.

Oh – the one (or two) useful thing (or things) I’ve done today is (or are) that I bought bus tickets from here to Ottawa (or eternity) and from there (or thence) to Toronto (I also got a couple of hundred dollars from a cash machine – once I found one (and once I found one that accepted Mastercard)).

And guess what. Go on. Guess. No? Last night was low on sleepage because of noise. Traffic and pedestrian noise, this time. The dorm is on the ground floor and right on the road. And the window was open. We’ve now closed the window, so tonight should be a little better.

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