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Ho ho ho – things go from bad to worse.

About half an hour after I got back to the hostel and went to bed last night, a couple of a Spanish-speaking blokes came into the otherwise empty dorm. And they talked for half an hour or longer. One of them occasionally shushed his friend when he spoke too loudly. Then, when they both eventually got into bed, they carried on talking. The occasional shusher was jabbering away when his friend’s breathing became slower and heavier. When he stopped talking there was no answer. Then his friend started snoring. And snored and snored, louder and louder. It started off as a wheezy, almost farty kind of snore, but developed into a full-blooded organic thunder.

Sometimes when I’m in this situation I try to sleep with my hands pressed over my ears. The technique is to have one hand under your head and the other kept in place by propping your elbow on the nearby wall. I was on an upper bunk bed, so there were convenient rails that served this purpose much better than a wall. It only works for so long, though – eventually it becomes painful. After two or three periods of this last night (the latter of which didn’t help much as his snoring was that fucking loud) I was thinking of getting up and seeing if I could move to a different dorm.

Eventually, at maybe three o’clock – and after the other hostellers had come in – the bronchial monster changed position and was thereafter quiet.

Then the bastards’ alarm went off at around 5:30 and they left. I’m hoping they’ve left left and won’t be back later.

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