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Really: why bother?

Just read this amusing entry in Stephen Donaldson’s Gradual Interview:

Anonymous:  Steve,
I have more of a comment rather than a question. I have been reading Fatal Revenant this week and something occured to me. Your introducing of profanity into Covenant is similar to Foul introducing the Sunbane in the second series. You have utterly corrupted what was quite a legendary place. (The Land DOES exist in our minds). So, you have actually BECOME a living embodiment of Lord Foul. Ironic, isn’t it? Becoming the very thing you loathe. I want you to know that I have been hard at work with a white-out pen making Fatal Revenant a “proper” Covenant novel. Don’t bother responding to my submission either. I am not interested in your fancy explanations. It just is what it is. Base disappointment after 20 years of waiting.

I’m entranced by the self-righteousness of this message. And I can’t help noticing that the people who post such comments never sign their names–or risk leaving an e-mail address. I suspect that there’s a link between self-righteousness and cowardice. And yet this person keeps reading…!


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