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The backpacking stage of my Canadian sojourn is over and I’m now back at Pete’s place. To commemorate this moment, this morning, I shaved off my goatee, leaving the little tuft under my lower lip (whatever it’s called … if it even has a name). I didn’t realise I was going to do this until I looked at my scruffy, stubbly face in the mirror and the idea came to me.

Afterwards, I threw away my razor. It’s the same Gillette Sensor Excel I bought all those many long years ago when I first started shaving. It has served me well. However, it’s also absolutely filthy – the part of the tray where the head of the razor rests contains little mounds of black gunk. I think its dirtiness is a good excuse to ditch it and upgrade to an inevitably more expensive model. I can’t see me going the electric route, though.

Interestingly, this’ll be the second time I’ve upgraded. A few years ago I bought a Lynx razor. It wasn’t as good as Gillette, and it quickly went out of production. I’d cannily kept my old razor, and so pretty quickly switched back. This time it won’t be so easy to go back as I’ll have left it in a wastepaper bin in a bathroom in Canada. I still have a few days to change my mind, though.

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