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Or Facebook, as it’s also known.

I have, at last, succumbed to the Facebook craze – even though I think it’s little more than blogging for the illiterate. It’s something to do, I suppose, and it is a way of keeping in touch with people who aren’t motivated wnough to write e-mails – which is all of us, most of the time. Needless to say, I had to buck the system and decline to use my given name – I’m Cpt Maybe (because ‘Captain’ wasn’t acceptable).

Actually, I was registered with Facebook previously – on an experimental basis. I used the name of a character I’d played in Pete’s roleplaying game in London, Braegor Halth. I deleted the account shortly after a Scandinavian called Halth added me as a friend. This time around, I’ve installed some applications to give the experience a bit more meaning: Mirror Blog (which ignores paragraphs), Visual Bookshelf (which doesn’t want to display UK book covers), Cities I’ve Visited (which doesn’t register Ansan, where I lived in south Korea) and Warbook (which is a simpler version of games like Kings of Chaos (which I used to play) and Aegis (which I still play)).

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