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Review of Hunter’s Run by George R R Martin, Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham

Hunter’s Run is a story of aliens and alienation, a character piece that charts how its protagonist, Ramon Espejo, evolves from a belligerent loner into … a somewhat less belligerent loner. Forced to go on the run on his little-explored colony planet, Ramon finds himself the tool of a hitherto unknown alien race who compel him to help track down another human.

Except it isn’t nearly as simple as that. Ramon has an idea who the other man might be, but the truth is a shock. Also, spending days leashed to the alien Maneck (via this bio-electronic thing that plugs into his neck) he learns how completely strange these aliens are, and yet comes to feel some sympathy for them.

This first part of the story is the most interesting – although I felt a little frustrated at the almost contrived alienness of Ramon’s captors – they don’t sleep, for instance, and don’t understand why Ramon needs to). The concluding part, where Ramon returns to civilisation, wasn’t par of the novella this story is based on, and it feels a little surplus to requirements – but it isn’t bad by any means.

The novel is well-written and completely effective as a portrayal of an alien world inhabited by a frontier human society and as a drama with its three main protagonists and the bonds and differences between them.

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