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T’riffic lights

Have you ever noticed that pedestrian crossing lights only ever let you cross when there are no cars in a five mile radius? Usually such lights (where there is only a pedestrian crossing – no junction) make you wait ages after you’ve pressed the button. And when they do change to green, you can cross safely without them anyway. They’ve always seemed deliberately biased in favour of cars.

The lights on the main road running through Whaley Bridge are different. They change instantly. You press the button and when you look up the traffic lights are already on amber. Evidently someone on the council (or whoever determines such things) likes pedestrians.

Mind you, that road needs it. From my sister’s house, you cross it (at a different place) to go to Tesco and it’s quite scary sometimes. Because the this stretch of road isn’t built up the cars rush along at the maximum speed (50? (mph)); it’s probably the worst road I’ve had to cross on a regular basis.

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