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Where does this train terminate?

A few days ago I was at Manchester Piccadilly station when there came, over the tannoy, a memorable announcement. Despite making a mental note to blog it I forgot. Maybe it wasn’t that memorable. However, I’ve just remembered it – so it was memorable after all. It was this:

‘Platform’ ’13’ ‘for the’ ’14:”37′ ‘train to’ ‘Oxford Road,’ ‘calling at’ ‘Oxford Road.’ ‘This train terminates at’ ‘Oxford Road’. ‘Platform’ ’13’ ‘for the’ ’14:”37′ ‘train to’ ‘Oxford Road.’ ‘For stations beyond’ ‘Oxford Road,’ ‘change at’ ‘Oxford Road.’

Speaking of which, I’ve just been on the Jubilee Line going up to West Hampstead. I always enjoyed the announcement that announces, ‘This train terminates at Willesden Green’. The announcer announcing the announcement delivers ‘Willesden Green’ in an almost singsong fashion, with strong emphasis and ascending intonation on the ‘Willes’ and a slightly lesser emphasis and descending intonation on the ‘Green’. Thus: ‘This train terminates at Wiillllesden Green.’

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  1. Andrew J
    25 January 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Yes in fact other recorded announcements on the Jubilee line come with an equally happy voice regardless of the destination. As a former Jubilee Line commuter, I have had the good fortune to be on trains terminating at Stanmore, Canon’s Park, Wembley Park, Willesden Green, West Hampstead, Finchley Road, Green Park, Waterloo, London Bridge, Canary Wharf, North Greenwich, West Ham and Stratford. All are named in an equally harmonic fashion, although i agree that the Willesden Green announcement stands out in particular. It leaves one wondering what the announcer was on when she was recording the announcements. Still, we need some more cheer in the London winter.

  2. 26 January 2008 at 2:00 pm

    Those announcements always me smile – inwardly, anyway.

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