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Anally retentive news

Yesterday I finally completed my epic project of sorting, editing and uploading my photos from South Korea and Canada. I now have 931 images on my Flickr pages, and all but the occasional uncategorisable picture are sorted into sets … which are themselves arranged in helpful categories, like UK, Canada and South Korea.

Having done with all the pictures I took on my old Canon, today I installed the software that came with my new Panasonic. The panorama-making software is a huge improvement on the old program I was using (although the interface is a lot worse). It’s capable of making pictures where you really can’t see the joins. On the other hand, sometimes it spazzes out and completely fails to glue photos together in the right places. I’ve now redone some panoramas and uploaded them – including a few that came out ridiculously banana-shaped with the old application.

Meanwhile, my collection of video clips is now also up to date. Somewhat irritatingly, the new camera records video in .mov format – so you have to use QuickTime istead of Media Player. Incredibly irritatingly, QuickTime installs itself in fucking Korean – without giving you a choice about it. Yes, my operating system is still Hangugeo-ro (in Korean) and I haven’t got round to doing much about it.

On the heels of that success I was inspired to sort out my e-mails, as well. The in-box of my main e-mail account has now gone from nearly 500 messages to zero – all neatly categorised in about 20 folders.

In other news, I’m flying to India on Sunday (well, actually, I’m flying to Dubai on Sunday, then to Delhi on Monday) and will be returning to Britain in March. Then I’ve all but decided to go to Korea for another year.

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