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Almost time to go. Again

In a matter of a few hours I’ll be catching a plane to Dubai, and shortly after that going on to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport (and I’ll be returning on 11 March). From there I’m due to be picked up by someone from the hotel I’ve booked. This person will have a placard with my name on it – which should be an amusing novelty. The hotel is a reasonably cheap place – but by no means the cheapest – called Cottage Yes Please in the Paharganj area of the city – a locale known for its budget hotels.

I’ve now realised that this post is going to be backwards.

There could be a problem later today with the weather; 80 mph winds are predicted in some parts, but the middle of the country and the middle of the day are apparently going to the quietest place and time.

I’ve actually spent a lot of the past 24 hours loading my CD collection on to my laptop. Should I choose to do so I could listen to each track once in a playlist that would last eight and a half days. I’ve been buying a fair few CDs recently, as well; this week I’ve bought a couple of Queen albums, ‘Best of’s of The Who and The Rolling Stones, one each by Nickelback and Rammstein and a pair of Godsmack’s. This latter band I’m particularly impressed with – it’s exactly the sort of muscular riffery and intelligent construction that I love; on the other hand, all three albums of theirs that I own are quite samey.

I found on Friday that you can’t get Indian rupees in this country – you have to exchange your currency over there – no idea why, but there you are. I do now own 100 Emirian dirhams, though (about £14) enough for a drink and a bite to eat on, hopefully, both stops there.

There’s an advert for a Sean Hughes video on TV at the moment, where he talks about how travel changes when you get older. Airport officials say to him, ‘Is that your luggage?’ and he replies, ‘No, that’s just my pills and supplements.’ I’m taking a very small pharmacopia with me – my sulfasalazine (my orange horse-pills; two months’ worth – which should last me three months (as I don’t take the prescribed six a day)), paracetamol, ibuprofen, some imodium left over from before I went to Korea (I had occasion to use some when my illness was bad, and I was surprised at its effectiveness … not very pleasant when it wore off, though) and my malaria pills … which, having reminded myself several times to start taking on Sunday or Monday, I forgot about until Wednesday. If I get malaria in the first few days, you know why.

On my shopping forays in the past week or so, I thinkI’ve got hold everything I could need that I don’t already have. Surge protector. Travel alarm clock (with in-built, and fairly pathetic, torch). Mosquito net. Insect repellant. Money belt. Hat (to keep the sun out of my eyes (my last pair of sunglasses broke in my bag on the way back from Canada, and I haven’t replaced them; hat-wearing will be a new and strange development for me, but we’ll see how it goes. I may just buy some shades in India and not bother with it)). Camera Pouch. Other stuff.

So, how do I feel? Really, I should be very tired (having only had a brief nap (in the bath) in the past day) – and, earlier on, I was. Now, though, as is quite often the case at this time of night, I’m feeling quite energetic. Not especially nervous or worried about the journey (although, naturally, a little bit); not feeling especially excited, either, just quietly positive and ready to take things as they come.

Now click here and help me make the most of my subcontinental sojourn.

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  1. savasana
    9 December 2007 at 6:10 pm

    I do hope you have a fantastic trip! I can’t wait to read of your adventures in India! I can’t relate to being just “quietly positive” (although there certainly are worse things you could be), as I would be fairly bursting with excitement!!! I may even be more excited for you than you are to go lol!!

  2. 11 December 2007 at 3:58 am

    Thanks, Savasana. I’m happy you’re excited. 🙂

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