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Manchester Airport

Bit of a snafu on the on the getting to the airport on time side of things earlier. I was late. Well, I was later than I ought to have been. Well, I was later than I ought to have been had the plane been on time – in fact, flight EK018 to Dubai is four and a half hours late. The plane was held up in Dubai where, apparently, there is (or was) heavy fog – unlikely as it sounds.

I was given a £10 refreshment coupon, which was usable at one of the bars (no alcoholic drinks permitted) or Burger King. So I’ve just had the biggest fast food meal I’ve ever had … and am now washing it down with a large tea.

The plane is so late that I won’t be making the booked tranfser to Delhi, so it looks like I’ll be found a place on a different flight – but I don’t know much about that at the moment. I really ought to get to back to the hotel and tell them I’m going to be late.

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