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One of the dangers of using the internet here in India – and, indeed, at any internet cafe – is having all your keystrokes recorded by a key-logger. A key-logger being a device into which the keyboard plugs, and which then plugs into the keyboard socket on the computer.

After considering this – and, in fact, seeing what I assume was a key-logger plugged into one of the computers at Hotel Cottage Yes Please – I changed my passwords for WordPress and my main e-mail account, and since then I’ve been using the mouse to copy and paste each letter and number of my passwords.

Theoretically, I should be safe, but even in the event that I might want to use my credit card on-line I think I won’t – you never know what other devices and software might be present to record your every cyber-move.

Copying and pasting is rather tedious – especially numbers, because you generally have to navigate another window to a page with numbers on it. But it should help. My other main e-mail account – the one with all my passwords noted in e-mails to myself, and which I use for financial and ‘official’-type communication – I haven’t accessed at all. I wonder what messages I might have received.

I also have been typing my password to log into Aegis and IndiaMike.com. There shouldn’t be anything there to interest anyone. Unless an internet cafe owner wants to destroy by province in Aegis. If this computer has a key-logger installed, I wonder what the person reading it thinks of this. Have I just given them an idea? Or do they use software to automatically scan the whole of the key-log for strings of 16 numbers (ie, credit card numbers)?

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  1. Peter
    26 December 2007 at 4:48 am

    I always wondered if something like key-loggers existed… I’ve always been somewhat terrified of the possibility of their existence and your current situation involving copying and pasting has certainlly confirmed my terror.

  2. 26 December 2007 at 12:59 pm

    Copying and pasting should be all you need to thwart them, though, Mr Sideways.

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