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Escape, Part Three

India, Day 28 – Delhi

The train arrived at New Delhi Station at about ten past nine this morning. Two and a half hours or so late, but when you’re on a sixteen hour trip, another couple of hours doesn’t really make much difference. I slept using my sheet and my jacket as a pillow in addition to … my pillow – and it wasn’t two cold – all the body heat, I suppose. Before getting into my berth I’d chained my bag to the bottom bed – the first time I’d actually used the chain I’d bought in Pahar Ganj, so it wasn’t a complete waste of 30 rupees.

Once off the train I caught an autorickshaw to where I believed the Emirates office to be (the driver misheard and took me to the Amro Bank on the same road). I walked up and down the north part of Barakhamba Road for a while. There was a Saudi Airlines office, Oman Air, China Air and Air China, but no sign of Emirates. The address I’d found on the internet was looking to be out of date or just plain wrong; it wasn’t from any official site, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

I headed to Subway for breakfast instead. Subway wasn’t open yet so I went into the nearby Barista, instead … instead. On consulting my Lonely Planet, I found another possible location for the airline office – a curved building on Samsad Marg (Parliament Street). It wasn’t far away so I walked there and found the right place. It wasn’t open, though – being Sunday and all.

Instead instead instead, I got another auto up to Pahar Ganj. I wasn’t too enthused about returning there, but it’s where the cheap hotels are. (There are some up in the ‘Tibetan colony’, Majnu-ka-Tilla, but, while it’s supposed to be a lot quieter, it’s significantly further north and I can’t be bothered with all the rickshaw trips.) The closest of the budget hotels in LP to the eastern end of Pahar Ganj (and therefore the nearest to Connaught Place) was Lord’s Hotel. I found it readily enough, asked to see a room and here I am. The place seems as good as Hotel Cottage Yes Please at the other end of the bazaar, but is half the price.

Don’t know how long I’ll be here, of course – a trip to the Emirates office tomorrow should sort that out. While I’m here there are more touristy things I might as well do. I should probably go and see the Qutb Minar, Akshardam Temple, maybe the zoo – the Americans I met recommended the Toilet Museum (which would be appropriate for me). Or I might just spend the time reading and writing. I’ll have to find a decent internet place as well.

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