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Escape, Part Two

India, Day 27 – Somewhere between Varanasi and Delhi

This post is being written on the KV Express (a very slow express that keeps stopping) from Varanasi to Delhi. It’s about ten past eleven. I’d quite happily be reading Dawnthief now, but two Indians have asked me to turn out the light. Apparently everyone but me was given a blanket (although I was given a pillow and bedsheet). Also, I was ignored when someone came round asking who wanted a meal. The lad didn’t appear to speak English, but he could at least have made an effort. I wasn’t expecting anything, anyway, and in some respects am happier not to eat. And I was deep within my book and feigning oblivion.

I’ve never been on a sleeper train before, so it’s a novelty – and also rounds out my experience of Indian rail travel. I’ve travelled by Executive Class, Unreserved, AC Chair and now ‘3AC’, which is the third of four sleeper classes and isn’t nearly as bad as ‘third’ would imply.

For a while, I was feeling more contented and even considering staying on in India, getting a train down to Jaipur or Mumbai or the south. But now I’m sure I’ll be leaving this stupid country ASAP. A feeling that will, no doubt, be reinforced once I spend more time in the capital. At least there’ll be a Subway (which was a major source of nutrition while backpacking round Canada) and a Costa where I can get sensible-sized hot drinks.

Once back in Britain, what then? Well, there’s looking for work in South Korea. Before that I might try a little travel within my own country, there’ll be the opportunity to visit friends again. I may also go and do a month-long CELTA or Trinity course (the two main TEFL course) – maybe in Prague. Maybe I also don’t need the hassle of foreign travel just yet.

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