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Seein’ CNN again

Lord’s Hotel has CNN (not CNN IBN like other places). I like that. Although the amount of adverts annoyed me, CNN was my channel of choice early in my contract in Korea, and watching it now and occasionally back in Britain reminds me of that time; in fact, it’s the jingles that are the most evocative.

Its mix and balance of stories and programming is very good, and, dispensing with my pro-British bias, is a lot better than BBC News 24. For that matter, London is one of the channel’s broadcasting bases, so it has a number of English voices in addition to some Antipodeans and Europeans. Unfortunately, there’s been no sign so far of the lovely Anjali Rao. Her post on Talk Asia has been taken over by the entertaining (but much less attractive) Richard Quest (or maybe she’s on holiday).

There’s just been a story about Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, criticising England’s FA for appointing the Italian, Fabio Capello, as the new England manager (he’s just started in his new post). Apparently, this goes against the spirit of football or something. Of course, the reason the FA gave the job to a non-Englishman is that they, and we the nation, want the chance to actually win something (or just qualify for something).

I don’t know a huge amount about football, but it seems painfully obvious that the closest thing England has to a world-class football manager is Sir Alex Fergusson. And he’s Scottish. If he ever quits coaching Manchester United it’ll be interesting to see if he expresses any interest in the job. In the meantime, Capello has about two years to earn his salt and get us to South Africa.

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