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Hello, goodbye, Dubai, Dubai

India, Day 46 – Dubai (not in India at all)

Isn’t it ironic? (The second Alanis Morissette reference of the day.) Passing through Dubai Airport on my way to India, I barely had time to glance around as I hurried from a late arrival to a late departure. Going in the opposite direction, I have 18 hours here (which period is now just over half complete). Some sort of cosmic balancing out, there.

Fortuitously enough for me, the electrical sockets are UK-style, so – as long as I can find one near a seat – I can just spend most of the time playing Civilization IV. I’ve made my base the far end of the terminal around gates 36 – 40. It’s away from the shops and cafés of the main concourse and, earlier on, it was very quiet (and I played music as well as Civ IV); now, a number of people are hanging out here, but it’s still a lot better than the busier area.

I’ve finally had a chance to spend my dirhams – on tea and coffee and a pack of Pringles. I’ve just had dinner – on Emirates, if you’ve more than four hours between flights. It’s all very comfortable. The only issue now is whether I decide to try and get some sleep. I’d be happy not to – while there are plenty of people simply lying on the floor, I’d still feel very self-conscious doing so. Maybe I’ll try what I think of as my Seoul Metro sleeping position – which is seated and hunched forward.

There are internet stations available, but I may well wait until I get back to my sister’s before posting this. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a world to conquer.

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