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Forever delayed

In the last couple of days I’ve learnt two annoying and disheartening facts.

Annoying and disheartening fact number one: Although the Hollywood writers’ strike has now ended, the somewhat silly but utterly fantastic 24 will not return until January 2009. Damn it!

When the strike began in November, eight episodes had been filmed, so it wouldn’t take all that long to finish the season and it could easily be broadcast from about now until June or July. The thing is, revenue from TV adverts drops off during the summer months, so Fox obviously wants to make as much money out of its broadcasting as possible. I don’t, then, see why it shouldn’t come out in the autumn, but next year is the date that’s been set. I wonder if all this affects the possibility of a 24 movie being made in the near future.

Annoying and disheartening fact numer two: Metallica’s next album (still untitled, as far as I know), having been due out this month for some time, has also been pushed back – briefly to April, but now to September. Double damn it!

Metallica put out records so infrequently it’s easy to lump them together with all the other classic bands of the past who are no longer making music (or music of any importance). Even more annoyingly, the forthcoming record could be incredibly good. There are many omens that this could be another ‘Black Album’ (I can’t italicise that because it’s not a real title): they have a new producer, just as they did for Metallica (the ‘Black Album”s real name), they’re taking a long time to record it, just as they did for Metallica, they’ve previously made an ultra-aggressive, flawed, ‘transitional’ record, just as they had before Metallica, they have a new band member who should, by now, be thoroughly settled in, just as they had for Metallica.

Now that I come to think of it, George R R Martin put a message on his web site recently, saying that A Dance with Dragons still wasn’t finished and he didn’t know when it would be.

Which all goes to show that writers of any ilk are a bunch of slackers and shouldn’t be trusted as far as you can throw them. I mean, just look at me.

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